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The Parenting Junkie Show

Mar 7, 2019

I'm sharing my experience and thoughts on sleep training so you can hopefully feel calm, cool, and confident in offering your child the best sleep. I hope you can listen to this episode in its entirety, because this is a nuanced and triggering topic that deserves in depth conversation. I wouldn't want you to miss the full context of the ideas presented here.

  • [1:20] Giveaway winner!
  • [4:47] 2 Emails I received from concerned parents
  • [11:02] We’re all torn over the approach to helping our babies sleep better.
  • [21:00] Every child is different and much of their temperament is “baked in” (they’re born with it).
  • [23:59] Flaws with thinking that there’s only one way to do it.
  • [25:34] What does sleep training mean?
  • [27:45] What can be learned from nature?
  • [30:24] What does crying mean?
  • [39:34] Is sleep deprivation respectful?
  • [42:22] Is frustration bad?
  • [48:01] Is it all or nothing?
  • [49:48] The process with my last child.
  • [55:29] We have to trust ourselves.
  • [1:01:02] Summary
  • [1:05:19] What’s coming next week

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