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The Parenting Junkie Show

Jul 15, 2019

Are you an entrepreneur or trying to get a business off the ground but have no idea how to fit it all in with young kids? Are you interested in unschooling or radical unschooling and are unsure of what that even looks like? Or do you just simply struggle to feel brave in your parenting choices given all the uncertainty and conflicting information you find? No matter your situation this episode has something for you!


In this episode you’ll hear a conversation I had with Kim Constable, The Sculpted Vegan. Kim is a yoga teacher, and a competitive vegan body-builder who started her business in the health and fitness industry founding multi-million dollar deyogatox and the sculpted vegan.


If you ask Kim what her first and foremost role is she will tell you it is being a mother.  She decided to take her two eldest children out of school and embark on a journey of radical unschooling. If you’re wondering what radical unschooling looks like, you’re in luck, Kim shares her beliefs, biggest struggles, and biggest wins when it comes to radically unschooling (spoiler alert: it’s okay to not know everything 🤔). 


In this episode Kim shares how she scheduled her time and did it all while starting her business before she had any help as well as her views on hiring help. This also includes how her and her husband handled their respective roles in the family and how to stay crystal clear on your vision even through the hard times. We also get to hear what it is like to radically unschool 4 children and how that works in her family.


In this heart to heart talk between two vegan, unschooling, entrepreneurial mothers of 4, you’ll hear:

[2:50] How do you have time for it all? 🕰

[9:21] Finding a way to replace your roles

[15:12] Thinking of starting a business? The first thing you should do!

[17:31] Laundry is not going to grow you or your business 🧺

[21:30] You can’t see the success happen from the beginning

[24:31] What opened the door to Kim learning about alternative parenting choices

[31:04] Jumping on the trampoline at 2am!? 

[32:52] No rules? What!? 🤯

[38:11] What about screens?

[47:33] We all get triggered 😡

[53:35] What about the mess!? 🧹

[57:13] Without rules on food won’t my kids just eat cookies? 🍪

[1:02:34] What do you mean you don’t know??🤷‍♀️


The work lies in truly coming to accept your child for who they are and not who you want them to be.


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