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The Parenting Junkie Show

Apr 18, 2019

“No mommy I love this, this is my all time favorite toy” – said every kid whose parent ever tried to declutter the toy that they have not touched in 2 years.


Sound familiar?


Tens of thousands of parents have gone through this free and simple process with me and it can make such a dramatic difference in their child’s play.  The problem parents run into is not due to the complexity of decluttering but is actually due to their own beliefs sabotaging the efforts they make.  


On the surface decluttering toys doesn’t seem like a big deal.  What parents don’t realize is that it usually leads to a pandora’s box of emotions and fears.


In this episode you’ll discover the seven most common reasons people have too many toys and why it’s difficult to downsize. It’s time to overcome these limiting beliefs and clear the way for a decluttered, soothing play space!


[3:37] “You’re not a real minimalist!”

[5:36] But EVERYTHING sparks Joy 🥰

[11:20] #1: It’s all about Love! 💕

[13:23] #2: The hidden ball and chain

[15:16] #3: How else will she become the next Einstein?

[17:42] #4: Gotta keep up with the Jones’ kids!

[19:32] #5: The most seductive of our methods

[21:49] #6: Don’t pay for it twice!

[23:24] #7: Fear Fear Fear 😱


Ultimately the relationship we have with our stuff mimics the relationship we have with ourselves and the world.


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